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[Bug] Class 33 and BR Mk. 2 corridor brake carriage (first class) -- Push-Pull

Started by BAC1-11, January 11, 2020, 07:26:09 PM

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I was moving my single class 33 to a different depot due to looming obsolescence when I discovered it seemed to be working in some sort of push pull mode with a rake of Mk.1 and 2 carriages, trailing carriage was a BR Mk. 2 corridor brake carriage (first class), which AFAIK isn't able to be upgraded into a Mk.2 Driving Brake Standard Open anyway. I tried this consist with different locomotives, but they all ran around the train when turning around, but with the 33 the train operated as if it was a push-pull train.
I know class 33s were never meant to work passenger trains anyway (no train heating), but this was very unusual (yes, I did check there wasn't a DBSO on the end) and I was wondering if someone could refer me on how to share a game save to have let you have a look.


Thank you for the report. You will have to find a system for sharing files so that I can download it at some point in the future when I am in a position to investigate this issue.
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Quote from: BAC1-11 on January 11, 2020, 07:26:09 PM
I know class 33s were never meant to work passenger trains anyway (no train heating)

True, but sub-class 33/1 did haul summer services with 4-TC push-pull stock, which incidentally is available in Simutrans.

Out of curiosity I decided to test this bug with Build 14.5 #59f9d9d but failed to replicate the problem. However, I did notice that whenever the convoy was returned to depot in 'reverse' form (ie. after running round), it would appear in the depot window with the Class 33 at the rear of the train (an illegal formation), and could not be Started until the convoy had been rearranged. (Class 27 also does this).

On both classes can_lead_from_rear=1, which seems to allow top-and-tail working, though the Class 33 appears to lack constraints with any stock to use this feature; I'm not aware 33's top-and-tailed in any case.

Could this be a factor? I'm afraid I'm a noob when it comes to code. If I can I'll post a save.



Yes indeed, once in the depot backwards it can be made to perform in this push-pull maner.