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Request to edit help texts for new features for native speaker

Started by Ranran(retired), December 27, 2019, 12:49:35 PM

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I have provided some patches, but I think that the help text related to them needs updating.
While help_text can help new players, keeping it old is unkind and confusing to them.

As you know, I do not speak English, and even though AI is developing today, machine translation is still immature. My ghost translator Dr. Google translate always rewrites the Livery scheme to the delivery scheme at her discretion, which bothers me. It is not a typo! :(

Recently, a game similar to Simutrans called Transport fever 2 was released, but its Japanese translation is so awful.
The difference between Japanese and English is so great that my English will look like that. Therefore the native speaker will be very helpful in editing help text.
Having an English translation first will help translators in other languages.

The person who created the new feature knows the details of it but it is easy to forget to change the help text like I do.
I post this thread as a memorandum so that the translations of the updated features are not overlooked.
Anyone can use this thread if a feature that requires translation is added.

Should the help text eventually be updated via simutranslator instead of pullrequesting the james repository?
Basically, I only report bugs occasionally, never provide patches for new features.
I may only work on fixing bugs that are caused by Ranran.
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About depot.txt

1. Looks like there is no description for "livery scheme selector" yet.
Recently added white bracketed numbers represent the number of deliveries currently available for the selected vehicle.

2. Colours indicate:
I think it needs to add a description about gray and royal-bule. There may be a better expression than royal blue, in which case please change to an appropriate color name.
Royal Blue is out of production
Gray - The axle load is too high to purchase in this depot
- <em>Blue:</em> the vehicle can be used but is obsolete.<br>
- <em>Royalblue:</em> <br>
- <em>Gray:</em> <br>

3.  Looks like there is no description for "Axles load" yet.
<em>Weight:</em> in metric tonnes;<br>
<em>Axle load:</em> ;<br>

4. The last line needs to include the content about "Show out of production"
<em>Show out of production:</em>

note: You may need to describe the bar shape when the currently pending vehicle shape bar patch is implemented.

QuoteThe tabs divide the vehicles into the following groups: vehicles for passengers and mail, other powered (motorised) vehicles, and unpowered trailers/carriages.
I recall that "rail_car tab" was added. Therefore, the above statement needs to be modified.

I uploaded some Japanese help translations made by Ranrans to simutranslator.
@James - It would be nice if you could import those from simutranslator in your spare time.

QuoteThe length is important because, if a convoy is too long for a stop, the vehicles at the back will be left out of the stop and will not be able to load/unload there.
This statement is incorrect, right?  ???
Basically, I only report bugs occasionally, never provide patches for new features.
I may only work on fixing bugs that are caused by Ranran.
Fork of simutrans extended for Jalápagos is here.


I would like to help by proof-reading the English game text and help texts. This is easy for me. Maybe in the future I can update the help texts too.

What is the best way to submit my changes, please? Ves' new help texts are already in SimuTranslator. Should I directly change the files in SimuTranslator or make a pull request on Github? If Github, do I make the request to James or Ves?
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Great that you would like to proof read them, I suspect there might be some Scandinavian, rather than English, phrases out there....!

The way I have done it is making git-commits, which helps me keep track of the progress and what is left to do. However, I know James asked me to upload my texts to the simutranslator (which I forgot to do, so thanks to whoever did that), so perhaps if you have alterations to them, you should do it directly in simutranslator?

On a side note: As well as proof reading, you might also want to add some lines in the "tips" page and "help" page if you feel there is something that is not covered or you have some golden tips you would like to share  :D