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[BUG] entering a token block tile can leave reservation behind

Started by Mariculous, January 18, 2020, 10:05:16 PM

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What happened?
A train entering a tile with a token block signal on it can leave a reservation of up to one tile behind.

How to reproduce?
1. Load the reproduction save, I have already set up both cases using absolute block there, but it works exactly the same with at least tcb.
2. Observe the trains

- There already is train (11) "waiting for schedule" in the station that left a reservation behind.
- Train (12) is properly waiting for clearance due to that left behind reservation
- Some time after departure that left behind reservation will be cleared, so train (12) will also depart.
- Train (11) will properly reverse and continue to the platform, where it will again leave a reservation behind.
- On departure, Train (11) will immediately clear the reservation.
- Train (12) will enter the platform leaving a reservation behind.

Note that the absolute block signals in the terminal stations don't have any affect on this. I just placed them for better visualising when the train enters token_block mode.

That's enough debugging for now.
I will just update the list and start simulating.


Also note a train leaving a token block by entering another token block will clear the reservation too early. It is cleared as soon as the train enters the tile where the token block signal is located instead of when actually passing it.