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[BUG] reassigning signals crashes the game

Started by Sirius, January 19, 2020, 12:33:09 PM

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What happened?
Reassigning signalboxes will crash the game.

James, now you know why you got disconnected (or even crashed, don't know) from stephenson-siemens. I just did a signalbox reassignment at that time.

How to reproduce?
- Open the attached save
- Select the signal reassignment tool
- Reassign signals from the signalbox at (25,25) to the signalbox at (22,25)
- Happy game crash

Edit: it does not matter if there actually is any signal reassigned or not. It will also crash when reassigning from the unused signalbox to the used one.


Thank you for the report: I believe that I have now managed to fix this.
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