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[BUG] The carriage ignores its max speed

Started by Ranran(retired), January 19, 2020, 09:58:11 PM

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I have been watching the carriages for a while, but they are always ignoring the top speed displayed in the convoy dialog.
Probably the max speed calculation is broken.

How to reproduce: just run the carriage in the image above and open the convoy dialog.

EDIT: Max. speed display considers friction and slope, but seems to always assume maximum weight without considering weight. It seems confusing because it appears to be taking into account the current situation and it is incomplete.
Basically, I only report bugs occasionally, never provide patches for new features.
I may only work on fixing bugs that are caused by Ranran.
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Thank you for the report - the (max. 8km/h) speed is based on the physics engine: the carriage is travelling within the maximum speed given in the .dat files of the horses and the carriage.

I am afraid that I do not understand the physics engine will enough to fix it where it does not work - it is very complex and I did not write it. I believe that slight inaccuracies in this context are longstanding.
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