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FATAL ERROR on loading save

Started by BoredEngineer, January 21, 2020, 05:31:51 PM

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Using self-compiled version from the latest source. On trying to load save game got this error:
FATAL ERROR: depot_t::vehicle_laden() - invalid vehicle type #4A
Save file:


I get the same crash with the same error message if I try to open that save file.  :-[

What pakset are you using? If pak128.Britain-Ex, have you updated your to the latest version? It has changed a bit in the last few days.

EDIT: The logfile has Warning: karte_t::load:   Fileversion: 120002 just before the crash; I don't know whether that helps anyone else or not.
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Using latest pre-build of pak128.Britain-Ex from here:,15887.0.html
I have not touched I thought that master branch of source has the latest. Could you tell me what I can update there?

EDIT: Do you mean overwriting from the pack over the one in config folder of simutrans?


Thank you for that. Unfortunately, it appears that this saved game has become corrupt. Without being able to reproduce the steps necessary for the corruption to occur in the first place, there is no practical way for me to ascertain what caused this and thus to be able to fix it.
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