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[BUG] Messages spammed by timeline updates (i.e. new/discontinued vehicles etc.)

Started by freddyhayward, January 24, 2020, 05:33:23 AM

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Currently, timeline updates spam the messages by appearing every time the game loads. On servers such as stephenson-siemens (see screenshot) and bridgewater-brunel before it became unplayable, this fills up the messages with the same repetitive notifications.

I made a pull request ( that stops the timeline from updating every load/save cycle - it still updates every month as it's supposed to. Can James or anyone else confirm that this will not affect actual gameplay - since I suspect that the results from the calculations done here are saved/loaded anyway? If it does, the notifications would need to be handled separately.


Thank you for your patch. I have made my own implementation of this, as your implementation had the potential to cause server/client desyncs, as actual calculations on initialisation/reload as well as messages were produced by the method the call to which you commented out. I also believe that it did not find all the references to it, so the version now implemented should work reliably in eliminating new game/load game message spam.

Thank you for your work on this, however.
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