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Things that affect gameplay after rotation

Started by Vladki, January 24, 2020, 09:41:29 AM

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There are several things that are rotation dependent, a have effect on game after the world is rotated. These may go unniticed, as many people play online where rotation is not possible. So I'd like to list and discuss them here, and them perhaps make separate bug reports, if we find a solution.

1. airports - wind is always blowing from north-east, and planes land and takeoff against wind. So a well working airport with exit and entry taxiways (with one way signs), will work badly when rotated 180 degrees. Planes will have to reverse and roll back over the whole runway to exit.

2. multi-tile attractions measure distance to nearest stop from north-west corner. This also changes with rotation so a stop that was just 1 min walk, is suddenly 10 min walk.

3. multi-tile signalboxes - signals attached at one rotation were not accounted for in other rotation. Reported here,17205.msg163912.html#msg163912


If runway has a proper direction (like one-way patch of road), the runway direction probrem will be solved.
others, I don't have any idea...