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Add-on Vehicles/pak files don't appear in game on Pak192.Comic

Started by nekomaster, May 18, 2020, 03:54:17 PM

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Perhaps becaus I've never done a whole lot with SimuTrans I don't know whats goign on to cause my problem.

With other paksets I can add new stuff but with Pak192.Comic nothing appears in game when I add stuff like stuff from the British or Indonesian Add-ons.

What I;m doing to "install" them is simply extract the .pak files from their zip/rar files and put them into the pak192.comic folder along with the other .pak files, though as  I mentioend doing this doesnt seem to work as nothing I add to pak192.comic appears in game no matter what date I use.

Is there some file somewhere I have to modify or a setting in game I have to change to allow loading of add-on pak files? Or perhaps are several year old pak files not supported in the latest version of Simutrans/pak192.comic?

EDIT : BTW I'm using Simutrans-121-0 with pak192.comic (I can't find the version but its what ever is available as of May 18, 2020)



That seems super weird to me, honestly.
There is one thing that comes to my mind: we swapped the narrowgauge with the standard gauge a while ago.
I'm not sure if these addons kept up with that. In case they didn't, you might want to check the narrowgauge depot as well.
So in regards of trouble shooting, please try the following two:
Did you electrify the depot? Did you check the narrowgauge depot as well?

If that doesn't work, you can advance to a nightly of the Pak192.Comic.
It might appear that you can't use your old maps with it. Save them, and your current pakset properly first.
In case you're up to trying a nightly of Simutrans as well ( you can get them here: ) you could try downloading this: and see if copying the .pak files in the same folder does the trick.
In case that copying them in the Pak192.Comic nightly does not work, you can use this pakset: until we got a proper fix. The latter pakset is a merged nightly with some of the more official addons in there as well. The British stuff included, the Indonesian isn't sadly.
Sadly our nightlies require a nightly of Simutrans as well.

If you just copy all the vehicles from the nightly in your usual Pak192.Comic directionary, you should not have issues with that either. But that should be the last resort.