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Scheduling problems

Started by Vladki, January 26, 2020, 02:05:50 PM

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Now on stephenson siemens game - as player Great Beltwell railroad - there are three train lines in the north, all scheduled at 14/month with 0 offset, and yet the trains do not depart at the same time. Just as if the offset is randomised by several minutes


Given that the server game will inevitably move on and this may no longer be the state when I have an opportunity to look into this, would you be able to upload a saved game where the trains are very shortly before they should depart so that I can look into this? I should be most grateful.
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It seems to happen on save/reload or when there are some missed departures. I have loaded an autosave of the server game, and the departures were not synced. Saved again here:

After loading quickly pause. See that the time is 22:31, and trains are scheduled to depart every 27:25 minutes, however train from coatingdon terminal (airport) has just departed, and another train is scheduled to wait for 25:57 minutes. Same is at turningford - that train just nearly missed the departure, but in fact it should have almost 5 minutes to reverse (and it can reverse i 1 minute). Only train at lininglow is scheduled properly - it is still waiting for 2:31 minutes + 2 minutes reversal so will probably depart as it should (well it departed maybe 10 seconds earlier)

If you let the game run a bit further a delayed train will arrive at lakebourne, and will set the timer to the same time as trains in coatingdon and turningford.

Next departure should be 54:50, but all EMUs (lakebourne, coatingdon and turningford) will depart at 49:36, only train from lininglow will depart on time.

IMHO it seems as if the reversal time is not properly accounted for (departing 5 minuts earlier seems like that long reversal time was expected, but then not needed).