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[BUG] Cannot upgrade ways nor build stations in tunnels underneath runways

Started by Mariculous, January 29, 2020, 07:46:02 PM

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What happened?
I was trying to change the track type of an existing rail tunnel underneath a runway. It didn't work.
Same applies to stations at these tiles.

How to reproduce?
- Build a runway
- Build a railway tunnel underneath
- Select a track type (not a tunnel type) and (ctrl-)drag along the tunnel to change the tracktype.
- - You will observe this won't work if you start or end dragging close to the runway whilst it will work if you start and end dragging at least 2 tiles away from the runway.
- Select the tube station and try to place it in the tunnel.
- - You will notice that you can't place it around the runway.

No save today, as there is no special setup required to reproduce.


Likely a bug with the new runways cannot be placed near structures code.

Anything underground really should not be effected by a runway on the surface.


Exactly, it was possible before that feature so I guess that situations was simply forgotten.


Thank you for the report. I believe that I have now fixed this; I should be grateful if you could re-test.
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