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Segfault when loading save data as a server

Started by Phystam, February 03, 2020, 06:19:38 PM

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I tried to establish a server game using pak256, but I failed. When loading a large map, segfault occurred. Without -server flag, I could load the map. This problem is seen in the master branch and citycar branch both.

used pakset is here:

used save data is here:

segfault message with master branch:



I started to run it on gdb for mingw64 compiler, and typed:

run -server

I selected the pakset by clicking, and automatically loaded the last save data (which is newly created map).


Can I check whether this saved game was created in the private car or the master branch? I cannot load it in either, but I have just changed the private car branch and it is no longer compatible with earlier saved games from the branch.
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This file is made by the latest master branch:

but still, I have the same problem. I cannot establish my server game due to the same error. However, as a local game, it can be loaded.