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[r8874] cities don't cross rivers

Started by Leartin, February 08, 2020, 08:07:00 AM

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It seems as if cities are no longer able to build bridges (or crossings) over rivers when building roads. The specifics of the river (navigable, non-navigable, flat shores, sloped shores, natural, player-buildt) do not matter.
However, the city still can spawn bridges over open water, and bridges/crossings will be buildt for intercity roads.

Bonus question: Is there a way to incentivize both the intercity roads and the cities to build bridges even if a crossing is available?


The river does matter. If it is navigable, and would require a double slope, then no bridges are built. Because up to now buildign starts on the slope, but it would need to start on a flat tile with a ramp (to get a two tile clearance). Otherwise cities build bridges, I just tested.


I'd kindly request extra image definitions for this exact case. Would be very nice to have, nor just for road bridges in cities.


Quoted from a simmilar discussion about this in the extended corner of the forums:
Quote from: Freahk on February 07, 2020, 10:48:34 PMIdeally we would seperate the abutment into slope compensation (to flat) and the bridge ramp itself.
That way we could get any combination of terrain slope and bridge ramp:
full height terrain slope, full height ramp slope
full height terrain slope, half height ramp slope
full height terrain slope, no ramp slope
the same for half height terrain slope
no terrain slope would only provide two options: half height bridge ramp and full height bridge ramp.
no terrain slope, no bridge slope is the only special case as in that case there won't be any abutment at all.

I guess this would also work well for standard as adding an image for each single situation would require (3*3-1)*4*2="quite a lot" images. (terrain slopes*bridge ramps-the only exception)*rotations*winter and summer images


Okay since I accidently send my notes by pressing tab and enter, I'll explain them a bit too:
2 is where the first ground is at, the number after the first '-' is where the ground is heading at. A slope from ground to one below the ground looks like 2-1. The second two number are the same but for the bridge.
I did end up counting 10 images for each direction, with 4 of them already being implented.

0  2-3 to 2-4
1  2-2 to 2-4  already exists
2  2-2 to 2-3  already exists
3  2-1 to 2-4
4  2-1 to 2-3
5  2-1 to 2-2  already exists
6  2-0 to 2-4
7  2-0 to 2-3
8  2-0 to 2-2  already exists
9  2-0 to 2-1


I did not include upward terrain slopes and downward bridge ramps, as these exactly two situations don't really make sense to me:
- Full height bridge ramp at half height upward terrain slope.
I cannot imagine any real-sumiworld situation where this would be useful. In very artificially created scenarios, one could still use a full height bridge ramp starting at a flat.
-half height downward bridge ramp at full height downward terrain slope.
Downward (towards the bridge) bridge ramps would simply look ugly imho. One could still build a no slope bridge from a half height below and raise the resulting road to a half-height slope afterwards.

Thus we get 8 images, multiplied by rotations and normal/snowy images.


Quote from: prissi on February 08, 2020, 12:00:29 PM
The river does matter. [...]

No, it does not. Or rather: I specifically mentioned that it does not matter because I already tested it with different kinds of rivers, and it made no difference for me, and I did not want this report to be mistaken for issues with where bridges can spawn in the first place. I also said that intercity bridges are buildt, which would have the same restrictions, and that cities do build bridges over open water, so there is a bridge available for cities.

I did now test it with pak128. Yes, sure enough, bridges in cities spawn there. So it has to be some kind of pakset problem then. I'd still appreciate help figuring out what the problem could be, because I have no idea whatsoever.


Is the city unwilling to cross rivers for the same reason it is unwilling to cross rail lines? Or is there a special case for rivers? Or has the problem crossing rail lines been fixed?


The city will not cross any rail or runway or any other player-owned thing. Only water.


Anyway, since some time the city try to build double height bridges of the river is navigable.