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Editing settings in existing game

Started by Mark Swabinski, February 16, 2020, 07:14:30 AM

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Mark Swabinski

Hi all,
I've got my save game with some progress already in and I've noticed that I set the "passenger_factor" setting way to low.
Is there a way to change this setting in an existing save game? Changing the or the GUI in settings seems only to impact a new game.


There is a ui to change settings of an existent save. However, hos to access this depends on your pakset. Many paksets don't have a button nor a key assigned to that tool. So may I ask you which pakset you are using?

Mark Swabinski

I use pak128 - most recent version from the website (2.8.1).


If you use the UI for changing settings, you must then save the game, and reload it. Otherwise the settings will not be used. But this also does not work for all settings. For this reason, the dialog is not shown in some pak sets.



Afaik pak128 does not have a key assigned to the menu. You will have to assign a key to this tool in first.

Mark Swabinski

Quote from: Vladki on February 16, 2020, 12:16:26 PM
Try "i" or "~" to get the settings

Hi guys, the suggestion from Vladki worked excellently! Thank you for the help.


This is interesting. I'd like to expand my station coverage in Pak.128. My game is over 6 years old and has a population of 24 million. So what do I do? Type "i" to get settings?


Open the file config\ in a simple editor like wordpad or notepad++.

Find the section which contains "dialog_tool[}=" lines. Add a line


Save and close the file. Restart simutrans and press i. It will give you the settings dialog.

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