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Label list

Started by Vladki, May 08, 2020, 07:17:40 PM

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Is it possible to store last modification time in labels (markers)? And then sort by last modified time in list?
It would be helpful for online games, to search for new labels, as they are used for communication with offline players

[C] Ranran

I think that is logically possible and easy. Just add the construction date to the marker. Rewrite the date when the marker is edited.

But I want to improve the chat feature.
Server time is more convenient than in-game date. Both displays are more convenient.
I would like to know briefly "how many minutes and how many days ago did you write that message?"
A function to send a message to a specific player. Add the display target to the message. Only that player can see it.
This is a standard function in online network games. (´・ω・`)
I don't know how difficult these implementations are. (For example, is it possible to get the current time of the computer with the current code?)


You can send it to a certain client, not to a certain company. However, only the server knows of all the clients, not the client. So private messages are doable, but some exercise, I am afraid.

The server could of course store more infos per chat message, such as the time written. That is rather easy.


Imho a more preciese ingame time is preferable over the real-world server time e.g. 2018/11 7:13:42
Anyways, that's arguable.
If real-world times are used, these should be translated to local time respecting time zones (and daylight saving time) instead of server time.
stdlib can handle this quite well.

[C] Ranran

I think it's a good idea to have both, as their relevance to in-game trends is important.

How about this style?
(4/1/1945) Ranran <Ranran Co.>: Hello  -  5/15/2020 6:59

Quote from: prissi on May 14, 2020, 02:05:10 PMYou can send it to a certain client
For direct chat:
(4/1/1945) Ranran >> Whisper words of wisdom  -  5/15/2020 6:59

We also need to be able to see the message you sent.
(4/5/1945) Ranran << let it be  -  5/15/2020 7:32
(4/5/1945) >> Ranran : let it be  -  5/15/2020 7:32

Quotebut some exercise, I am afraid.
Is it kind a collusion?

By the way, is this for the Extended project? I think it's a common project with Standard.


Quote from: Ranran on May 14, 2020, 10:00:02 PMBy the way, is this for the Extended project? I think it's a common project with Standard.
Of course this would be useful for both versions

[C] Ranran

I've looked at the code for a bit of implementation and found it to be more complicated than I thought.
I thought the marker was an object like a road sign, but it is just placing textual data on the ground... (´・ω・`)