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Does anyone have a .clang-format file for Simutrans code?

Started by Matthew, February 23, 2020, 07:17:44 PM

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I am working through a C++ tutorial in the hope that one day in the (far!) future I might be able to contribute to Simutrans.

Visual Studio Code uses .clang-format files to automate code formatting. Is anyone already using such a file that fits Simutrans' coding style, please? It might help me get into good habits from the start. So far the closest I can find are the Google and Webkit styles, but both have spaces between function names and their parameters.
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We discussed beatifying the code many times, but any automatic tends to fail a lot. But, more important, no patches would survive this (or is git clever enough to ignore all whitespace changes?)

During that discussion, I tried a lot of beatifier, but none could really do all the Simutrans formatting. I would be very much interested in a useful formatter. Unfortunately, at least my MSVC rather destroys my formatting, unless I switch it off.