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Unification of license headers for source files

Started by ceeac, February 29, 2020, 08:44:16 PM

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Follow-up of/related to the UTF-8 patch.

This patch unifies all license header comments of source files to the following:

* This file is part of the Simutrans project under the Artistic License.
* (see LICENSE.txt)

The only files I did not change (yet) are SHA1.h/cc, since these seem to have a different license judging from the code comments in those files.

The patch should apply to r8941 cleanly, but I can also provide a UTF-8 version if that patch is applied first.



Thank you for contributing this. It is sad to see Mr Malthaner's name removed from the project files, but a sensible step nonetheless.
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He is still first place in the credits though ...


That is what most people see, even if it is just one place.