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Server news and move

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, March 28, 2020, 04:04:26 PM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

With the recent trouble (which I caused by a mistake in a command I ran as root on the server), I have lost my main hosting client.

Thus I need to downsize.

I am going to see if I can get all of my sites on a slower server.

I will also try to get the non-cPanel stuff running again during this time.

I'm very sorry for all the trouble.

Hopefully the server will be able to support everything. If not, I will get another server that's faster, but not as fast as this one. So basically there may be some downtime and slowness, but hopefully not too much. Hopefully within a month everything will be settled. And hopefully this message ends up not really seeming relevant.


Testing testing testing...
hmm, good, seems we're back.  :)

Isaac Eiland-Hall

My main webhosting client is going away so I will be testing a smaller server. It may be too small, so I may have two moves, but hopefully only two. So if there are problems - slowness or outages due to moving - I hope they are not too annoying. :(

Also, for any outages - news at

But hopefully not necessary


The main thing is that you are physically OK, Isaac. With the world being as it is, I was really worried that something had happened to you!

And commiserations on the business setback.
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Isaac Eiland-Hall

On the topic: It appears this server may be acceptable. Have to see if a backup can run. I still might see about a slightly faster server at a slightly higher price. Have to see. Haven't decided yet.....

Quote from: Matthew on March 29, 2020, 12:56:17 AMI was really worried that something had happened to you!

Ah, well, there's still time! ;-)

Thank you for the commiseration!


Good to know that you are healthy and save.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Thank you :)

So meanwhile..... I am installing cPanel on a second server, will be transfering things there. Then I will rebuild that first and make it available for non-cPanel projects.


As Prissi mentioned, it's good to know you are still there!

I guess it's more-or-less likely to get the listservers back as soon as the servers moved but unlikely to get stephenson-siemens back online?

In that case I'll revive stepehenson-siemens in a few days.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I should be able to rebuild that server within 24 hours, but need to make sure sites are fully moved first, so a bit of testing first.


Hello Isaac, it's good to hear that you are fine. Please add to your task list. It shows just empty webhosting space. Probably needs to be restored from backup (or moved from another server).


The translator is (as far as I know) not hosted with Isaac. That is probably some side effect of the DNS.


if it is urgent then you can use:

and points to nowhere too


Indeed, is otherwise known as (works for IPv4 and IP6). There zou find the serverlist and the SVN.


Just for completions sake, I'd like to point out that is not up to date. I'm sure there are more urgent matters, but you never know - might be dealt with in 5 minutes after all.


The nightly is only uploaded once a day from the German forum. The link did work, ubt the upload page die not return anything (usually it does). So I think it might be something on Anyway, the files there are the same as on