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Ships broken in nightly (with nightly pak128-britain-ex)? "Pulls x tons @ 0km/h"

Started by zhaop, March 29, 2020, 01:31:03 AM

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I'm on the latest Extended nightly (as of March 28, 2020) with Pak128-Britain-Ex and it seems ships from almost any era (I tried 1920, 1960, 2000) are completely broken?
No matter their power, the max speed is 0km/h. For example, see the modern turbine channel ferry (steam) in the attachment.
What could I do to debug this issue?
I'm working on an AI for Simutrans that can make lots of money, and I'm currently learning the squirrel API for AI players.


I am not able to reproduce this, I am afraid, on my Linux computer. I wonder whether this might be caused by the MacOS change for physics. I have added a preprocessor directive, REVERT_PHYSICS_MACOS_COMPATIBILITY; if you define this, the change to the physics engine for MacOS will be reverted and this may work.
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