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Started by Phystam, March 30, 2020, 12:52:17 PM

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How do you spend this very difficult time due to the novel corona virus pandemic?
Playing simutrans or another computer game, watching TV programs, or reading books?


Two weeks ago, I started the corona time with a VPN "lan" party playing the Settlers 3 and Anno 1503.

A few days later I travelled to my girlfriend, for sure in between peek times to reduce risks as much as possible.
Train operations are quite reduced here and it's strange to see trains arriving too early. Usually they are too late.
The stations were completely empty. Three passengers were waiting on the entire platform and trains on other platforms were arriving, waiting for a few minutes and departing without anyone enetering or leaving.
I had an entire ICE3 car on my own, we arrived at most stations too early either although the train was moving much slower on the high-speed tracks than usual simply because the usually overloaded tracks around Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt and Stuttgart were clear.

However, #StayHome! It was an exception but still quite impressive to see nearly completely empty stations and trains in operation.

In that week we were watching movies most of the time.

Now I'm back home, doing some work in the backyard. Maybe I'll setup an extended server this evening or in the next few days.


Really! The DB usually delays at least a few minutes, but it's now earlier!

My university will be shut down from 1st Apr. I will work from my home, and it reduces my commuting time (~3 hours/day). Using the time I will play simutrans more, and create new objects for pak256-Ex ^^

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I had been hired by Colonial Williamsburg where my wife works full time as an actor. I was working part-time as a "casual" employee (no benefits) to help with scheduling in one of the departments. 3/13 was my last day before Colonial Williamsburg mostly shut down until the end of March (at that time).

Subsequently, they extended the shutdown to the end of April.

More recently, the state of Virginia issued a stay-at-home order that extends through June 10.

Unfortunately for me, with the exception of being paid 10 hours during April 1-11, after that time I will be furloughed. The only upside is that I can apply for unemployment benefits after that.

Also, at least through April, they are paying my wife full-time, so we are very lucky there. I don't know what will happen at the end of April, though.

Although I'm sure there are very many with similar concerns and problems. I know I'm not the worst off by any means - I worry about all who have lost their jobs already.


Hello how are you ?.

In my case, things don't change much, I keep working since staying home is the same as starving.

I am a little distracted by reviewing the code of the scenario tutorial and trying a little simutrans in search of errors, apart from simutrans I also play old Runescape at night (by the way my avatar is called simutrans), it is the rest of my time I dedicate to do homework at home.

  On the other hand, the government has taken some measures, such as letting fuel be supplied to private vehicles, sanctioning those who are away from home after noon, and even prohibiting travel to other cities.


I'm working too, every Thai condo there seems to be of the utmost interest to my boss, so I've been writing detailed investment strategies for a couple days now.

Still, I managed to discover Simutrans and sneak in some hours of gameplay there and there, so it's not that bad.


I work from home, as does my wife. But I can't do much else since I follow my children who are at home. I hope you are all well, I am in a very affected area (my parents have been sick); but only in my municipality we have had 15 deaths (10,000 inhabitants), a few thousand in the whole region.