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Map of Australia request

Started by yahere, February 02, 2020, 10:35:29 AM

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I am looking for a large simutrans terrain map of australia having 5000x5000 grid size.

The map should be contain the mainland of australia and tasmania without any of the surrounding islands.
The map should have elevation and terrain represented as accurately as possible.
Otherwise the map should be unplayed, blank and treeless (similar to some examples already available online).

payment maybe demanded if the result is reproducible, high quality and is being created from scratch.


You can enlarge the 512 map before loading it as a relief map in Simutrans.


Quote from: Andarix on February 02, 2020, 10:54:56 AMYou can enlarge the 512 map before loading it as a relief map in Simutrans.
From my experience scaling images is not a quite good idea. It may depend on the interpolation/ algorithm used but generally upscaling will give worse results than downscaling.
If the heightmal source is not of much higher resolution than the desired resolution, downscaling should be done by a power of two to get the best results
Upscaling should be done by a natural factor to get the best results, so you may want to try a factor of 9 or 10 to scale the 512 px map to 4608px or 5120 px.

If you really want to do such an upscaling with a non natural factor, in my experience you will get the best results importing the raster based image in a vector based image editor, doing the scaling there and exporting it again. However, that will greatly depend in the vectorisation algorithm used and I still do not recommend to do any upscaling, not vector based not natural factor grid based if you want natural environments.

You are better of converting geodata directly to a heightmap as geodata resolution is usually much larger than the required resolution of the heightmap, so scaling by a non power of two factor is fine.


I've had a go at this. Here's a 5000x5000 map of Australia and the surrounding islands based on SRTM-derived data.

It's not perfect and could probably benefit from some manual attention. I think the scale (~800 metres per tile) doesn't quite capture all the topographical detail. But hopefully it's what you were looking for!


works great, especially the coastline


I have added the map to Simutrans Maps. Again, thanks a lot!
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