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Class 442 "Wessex Electric" bug report

Started by BAC1-11, April 16, 2020, 11:13:31 AM

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I have a confession to make, for a while now I've been using the pigs to rack in the moneys... Because it has no cost assigned to the motor brake buffet. so it's running cost/distance at the moment is 0.00c. Should be a quick fix.


Are you sure this is for standard pakset? All the files I see here with 442 inside have a runningcost of 2.90 (not much though, but not zero).


I just checked extended.
The only powered 442 car seems to be
and it has runningcosts assigned

Will have a look at it ingame.

Edit: Checked ingame, it's fine with a kilometer cost of 1.28
Note that this fits perfectly well to other trainsets of that era (energy costs of roghly 0.1 simucent/km per kW)

So it must be either in the standard pakset or you are using an old version of one of these paks.