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Graphic modification request (strauch)

Started by ampersand, April 20, 2020, 12:29:58 PM

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As graphics as well as trees in particular are a hallmark of this pak, I would like to mention one object that I find hard to get used to. Below you can see summer trees with one of them in shades of blue. It is described as strauch and becomes reddish in autumn, which is within the natural range, and unnaturally blue kind of green in summer. No idea if it is possible but may be its author would like to correct it to match other trees color?


As I see it, this affects two maple trees, maple lat. Acer platanoides. I'll handle that in a quiet minute.


There is a new beta of pak128.german vs 1.3 revision (321)
Now all trees with transparent shadows and some with more may green in spring.
Also hospitals and a fast train in the future.