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E-mail notifications?

Started by jamespetts, April 23, 2020, 10:09:05 AM

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I no longer seem to be getting e-mail notifications from this forum, which had worked fine (other than sometimes being detected as spam) for many years until a month or two ago.
I have checked my spam folder on my e-mail server, but there are no forum e-mails there. Can anyone confirm whether this is specific to me or forum wide?
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I do not get them either (though I visit the forum so frequently that I do not care), and Elemental reported that as well


The e-mail dispatch of the forum seems to be broken.

Forgot password e-mail does not arrive either.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I checked a few days ago and was able to email to myself from the forum - which anyone can test from their profile page.

I'll do some more checking and try to see if the IP is on any blocklists or if there's something I didn't get set up properly, since obviously there is a problem somewhere and it seems nearly certain to be something serverside (if a blocklist counts, since it's a possibility).

edit: I always forget to set rDNS - ticket in to set that. Also on the stupid Barricuda spamblock, so requested delisting. I'll also check SPF/DMARC/DKIM to make sure that is all updated. Will update later.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I may have resolved this if anyone can confirm or deny :)


pm -> E-Mail notification -> OK

Isaac Eiland-Hall

There was a glitch last night and the system resolvers (i.e. DNS servers for outbound lookups) got reset to One side effects is that outbound emails don't know where to go. I'm having the system redeliver now, but I notice scanning the process that some external servers are returning messages like "we're seeing an unusual amount of email from you" - looks like greylisting or temporary blocks. So not all notifications might be happening for the past day or so. Some might.

Yay email. Email sucks. heh