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"Show unread posts" problem again

Started by isidoro, April 23, 2020, 09:47:06 PM

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Hi, I quite remember some time ago of having problems with the "Show unread posts since your last visit" forum link.
It seems that now, it happens again.  When clicking on it, the list appears empty, while there are certainly new unread posts.
Investigating a little, the link I follow from the forum is:;c=2
But, if I delete the ";c=2" part, it seems to work.  But all this is arcane to me.   ???
Just in case it helps.


I frequently have quite simmilar issues with this forum. Pages sometimes seem to get loaded from browser cache, although the content had changed.
Did you try to enforce reloading from the server? In most browsers this is strg + f5.
This fixed quite a lot  issues with the forum for me.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Odd. For me, "Unread posts" link points to

And from there, when there are no posts, the link to "all unread posts" appears which is;all;start=0 — which is also what I long ago bookmarked to visit from my favorites.

I've verified forum caching options are already disabled. I've just unchecked "Allow browsers to go back to cached pages" just to see if that helps, although I suspect it won't - but let me know.

I wonder where that parameter comes from. I've just taken a look at admin and personal settings and I don't see anything that would make sense. :/


Sorry, my fault.
The problem seems to come from my bookmarking of the wrong link.  There are links for unread posts for every subforum and a link for all subforums, which matches the one you pointed out.  The general link is just at the beginning of the page and I overlooked it...  :-[
I was just bookmarking the link from "Information and Announcements".
I guess that the "c" parameter is used when you want to restrict you search for a subforum.r

Thanks both of you for your help.

Isaac Eiland-Hall


Still doesn't solve caching, but that surely must be on the browser side. :/