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Move marks never disappear

Started by prissi, April 25, 2020, 02:35:24 PM

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Yesterday, when I was cleaning a little the backlog of bug reports, I found several notice "This has been moved" which ought to have disappeared by themselves after four weeks (or whatever was the time). But the oldest I removed was from August 2019, so the issue exists apparently a little longer. Maybe somehow the cleanup run for those forward notices fail since then? (It seems this was conencted with the attachment troubles then, or it happened at least at a similar time frame.)

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Well, I have intended before to try and create a copy of the forum with no modified files and import the database and see if perhaps the "thank" will work again, for example.

I'll put this back on my to-do list. I have no excuse not to get it done since I'm not working right now.

edit: Uhhhhhh... I used Installatron to clone the forum to,19787.0.html - but what's scary is that after I did some testing there with the Like mod, it appears the like mod is working here again.

Which implies they're connected (perhaps using the same database and/or files)

I'm gonna take a break from testing and modifying right now so things don't get screwed up.

There are weekly backups made every Sunday, so theoretically we'd lost no more than a week at worst, but.... yeah.

edit2: Definitely using the same database. I'm editing this post from the Soooooooo, yeah. Won't trust Installatron again on this, but I did tell it that the test one would be "staging" so I could move changes back to live. That apparently did not work right for SMF. :|