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Deep water terraforming

Started by Vladki, May 08, 2020, 07:12:41 PM

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I have noticed that it is possible to terraform in water that is maybe 3 levels deep. Definitely deeper than what is allowed for elevated roads and infinitely long bridges. Is this intended? Is that value configurable?


The intention is to prevent terraforming in water more than 1 tile deep, so this appears to be a bug; although fixing it will have to wait until the desync issue has been addressed.
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I agree that the human player should not be able to terraform such deep water tiles, but is it possible that the Public player can still do it? Because in some heightmaps this would allow to get some fine details into the story/realistic map.
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The public player can already terraform any water depth, also those that normal players cannot terraform, so I'd not expect this to change.