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Vehicle balancing Eurostar E320

Started by Sirius, May 09, 2020, 01:10:58 AM

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Well, I know the kilometer cost alancing is mainly about vehicle power with some applied efficiency factor.
Is that spreadsheet available anywhere?

I am especially wondering about the direct comaprisation of Eurostar E300 to Eurostar E320.
Ingame, the E320 seems to be twice as expensive per powerkilometer to run, i.e. when set up at the same power as e300, it will be twice as expensive to run per kilometer.
This does not at all sound realistic to me. It is based on a more modern design of a train family that optimised energy efficiency from iteration to iteration.
I would rather expect E320s costs per powerkilometer to be the same or even better than E300s costs per powerkilometer.

Addditionally, I have noticed that E300 cars are much longer than they are in the real-world. A 20-car long train in the real-world is 387m long. Ingame such a setup is 15 station tiles, that means at least 420m

Might I prepare a commit with the following:
- Set per powerkilometer runningcosts of e320 to be the same as e300
- Fix e320 buffet car constraints to couple to the unpowered car, instead of to the powered car
- Add a 1st class car to e320, recycling graphics of the 2nd class pantograph car. Although I won't need such a car, it's clearly missing.

Fixing e300 would require some graphics work, which I am not capable of.