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Leftovers after bankrupt companies - depots and runways

Started by Vladki, February 05, 2020, 10:37:08 PM

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If a company that goes bankrupt has some vehicles in depot, these are not sold, and depot is left in place. It changes ownership to public player, who can then even buy more vehicles and run them. See stephenson-siemens (747,887). I have seen this only with narrowgauge depots, but that may be because we have a player who comes, build some narrow gauge lines, and goes bankrupt...

And second, I'm not sure if already reported or not, runways and taxiways are left in place after bankrupt companies, and turn to unowned, just like roads and canals. Other players then can just build aprons, tower and other buildings and start using it for free. It should be either removed, or mothballed like railways do...


It seems that narrowgauge depots are left over always (even if empty)


Thank you for the report. I have fixed the issue with narrow gauge depots. Runways and taxiways are mothballed, but there is currently no mothballed runway or taxiway type in Pak128.Britain-Ex, so this is not completed. If anyone would like to produce graphics for this, that would be most helpful.
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