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[patch] the territory filter on citylist

Started by [C] Ranran, May 11, 2020, 12:43:58 AM

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[C] Ranran

Hello, how are you. Everyone is not fine thank you. Don't be crazy(´・ω・`)

I made the city list version of the filter which I've added to the factory list before. That was exactly a year ago. The world was still normal. はあまじ
This is a very useful feature in network games. But don't say that the city list itself isn't useful. He will surely grow up!  :-*

Anyway, in general, players will want to occupy the entire map. Of course, even in the online network game.
However, it is difficult to realize that ambition due to various reasons such as financial problems and competition risks...
Therefore, players often build networks within a certain area, some claim their territories and hate the invasion of others.
So, information outside own territory is not so important. You should prioritize your territory first. Then this filter option will be useful. ;)

This filter is even smarter than the factory list one.  8)
A city is considered to be in your network if at least one building is in the coverage of your station or your convoy is on board other player's station.
In other words, by operating Eurostar, British Railways will add Paris to its territory.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
You are not fenced!
(I plan to change the factory list one as well.)

Here is the repository for this patch:

I hope this improvement will make your game a little more comfortable.
I would be happy to hear you guys opinions. Thank you.  :-*

This is the first step of the citylist improvement project. See you next patch! (´・ω・`)らんらん♪

Additional translation term (checkbox tooltip):
Show only cities within the active player's transportation network


Nice one, I guess that's indeed useful.

Quote from: Ranran on May 11, 2020, 12:43:58 AMThis is the first step of the citylist improvement project. See you next patch!
What's planned?

[C] Ranran

Quote from: Freahk on May 11, 2020, 01:43:52 AMWhat's planned?
The second step is a simple renovation of the appearance. I've been working on this, but after an unfortunate computer crash I accidentally fetched to a lot of my working data, so I'm slowly restarting it.

- Added a symbol whether the city is getting electricity
- Align the display positions of the numbers
- Make it easier to see the increase or decrease in the numerical value

The third step is the addition of some simple data displays. Currently there is only population, but I am considering adding numbers that are useful such as jobs and visitor demand.
I think that a display switching button may be necessary due to the layout.

The fourth step is a refurbishment that needs to go with the city information dialog. I think this requires a lot of discussion and work. Therefore, the outlook is as unclear as whether or not the Tokyo Olympics will be held.
I fantasize about improving the display of class statistics. For example, population and job class for city information, user demand and records by class for station information. This requires extensive dialog changes and a lot of work. Make it more graphical with, for example, class colors and symbols. It may be possible to improve the chart graph or add items.
And I think it needs to be discussed along with the planned improvement of the city growth system. The GUI should be with the game system. In that respect, IMO, statistics are currently left out of the class system.
If you have a discussion about them, I recommend you do it in a separate thread.


The player specific display was an excellent idea. I did something similar for standard in r9092.