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[BUG] game crashes when opening minimap in some cases

Started by Sirius, May 17, 2020, 12:26:16 AM

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I had already mentioned this in the recent minimap feature thread, but I guess this bugreport deserves its own thread.
I am not even sure if it is related to latest changes or not.

How to reproduce?
1. connect to stephenson-siemens
2. disconnect from stephenson-siemens
3. connect to Bridgewater
4. open the minimap
5. crash.

I hope this works for you, otherwise I'll have to dig deeper. The above did always crash for me.

Ranran on indefinite leave

I couldn't reproduce this. I suspect it may be related to switching players or manipulating map options.  ???


I guess I got it reproduced reliably now. The above description is correct, but there is one essential step missing in it, I was not aware of. Anyways, it's also reproducible with offline saves, so here is a slightly different description not involving connecting to any server.

How to reproduce?
1. create a savegame of a large map, like Bridgewater and make sure the minimap is not opened when you save the game!
2. load a savegame of a small map.
3. open the minimap
4. zoom in as far as you can
5. load the large map again
6. open the minimap
7. crash (oh well, 7 being the bad luck number :P)

Ranran on indefinite leave

It seems to be caused by inheriting the zoom factor of the minimap from another map. We should either not inherit this over or check the zoom cap again when opening the minimap.
Does this have the same problem with standard?



Quote from: Ranran on May 17, 2020, 02:23:16 PMDoes this have the same problem with standard?
No, I just checked and could not reproduce the crash.