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Author Topic: [Idea] A function inspired by tolls (gates) for factories, cities, etc.  (Read 628 times)

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I want to try to make a script for the online games that allows assigning cities, factories and tourist attractions to a specific player and restricting the rest, it is the same principle that is seen in the roads / rails that use tolls (gates). 8)

Diao me some inspiration also new filters of players on the lists. 8)

For the script, it occurs to me to experiment with a level system, as the player advances in level, he will gain access to more factories, cities, etc.

How to advance level?
The player must meet a series of requirements, for example to advance to level 2:

Number of Vehicles in circulation> = 10
This month income> = 10,000
Stations / stops> = 5
Passengers transported this month> = 100
Merchandise transported this month> = 100

Well this is just a model, I have not advanced anything yet, the first thing is to know if achieving this is possible.

And also to know if this style of play is of interest to online players.  :P