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Started by ampersand, May 28, 2020, 04:38:13 PM

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I am afraid there are 2 copies of the same railroad car in the pakset currently. They have the same intro date and retire date, and some minor differences in specs, almost as if they were variants of the same vehicle. BZT_PrPostwagen looks correct to me as it represents the historical Preußische Packwagen  Pw4(ü) - Pr 02/04/10 with a "saddle" on the roof. May be this is due to language barrier but I can't find it in a version with a flat roof, like BZT_PrPost4, which also exists in the depot.

Can anyone please provide any source confirming this vehicle with flat roof or specification resembling BZT_PrPost4?


I do not find the exact presentation of the carts on the fast now.
But one is a mail van that has a sorting facility for letters inside. These wagons were the property of the Post. Up to 20 Post officials were traveling in such cars.
The other is a baggage car with a raised compartment for the train driver. He could see the route from the window in the roof. These wagons were owned by the railway. These wagons also had a small shelf for sorting letters, but most of the wagons were designed for the luggage of travelers.

In Simutrans we do not differentiate between post, parcels and luggage from travelers. However, I found the graphics nice and that is why there are both variants.

[de]Ich finde die genau Vorlage der Wägen jetzt nicht auf die schnelle.

Aber der eine ist ein Postwagen, der im inneren eine Sortiereinrichtung für Briefe hat. Diese Wagen waren Eigentum der Post. Es fuhren bis 20 Postbeamte der Post in solchen Wägen mit.

Der Andere ist Gepäckwagen mit einem erhöhten Abteil für den Zugführer. Dieser konnte vom Fenster im Dach die Strecke überblicken. Diese Wagen waren Eigentum der Bahn. Diese Wagen hatten auch ein kleines Regal zum sortieren von Briefen, jedoch war der größte Teil des Wagen für Gepäck der Reisenden vorgesehen.

In Simutrans unterscheiden wir nicht zwischen Post, Paketen und Gepäck von Reisenden. Ich fand die Grafik jedoch schön und deshalb gibt es beide Varianten.


I am sorry this was a false alarm. I have incorrectly checked the most current version of the PAK128.german directory. The flat roof BZT_PrPost4 must have been withdrawn already.

BTW, the raised roof Preußische Packwagen  Pw4Pr04 is document almost everywhere:
without space: Preußische Packwagen Pw4Pr04
with space: Preußische Packwagen Pw4 Pr04

End of the story.


Although I'm not native speaker I'd like to correct your translation :

Train driver is maschinefuehrer.
Zugfuehrer is train guard.


I'll pass your remarks to Sergey and Larry.