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Author Topic: [Bug] Inconsistency between connection display of cargo network and actual conne  (Read 368 times)

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In pak128.Britain, there is a freight station with a cargo capacity of 0, such as "Goods siding".

The 0 capacity station is useful when the tile length is insufficient even though the capacity is sufficient.
There were only very expensive freight stations, so I used 0 capacity stations to connect to the factory.
And ran a corresponding cargo convoy between the two factories. Then then factory dialog displayed a brown pile indicating that the two factories were connected.
Players will be relieved to see it. However, it was a trap to reassure the player and was not actually connected.

My shipping company suffered from this problem for a few days - "Why doesn't the ******* factory ship?!?"
Also, passengers and mail can be crowded with 0 capacity and carry passengers and mail. I believe this fact makes player misunderstand that it can be done with cargo.

This occurs because there is a discrepancy between the cargo network connection judgment display and the actual connection judgment. Therefore I post this as a "bug" in a new thread. The game needs to have the same specifications in order not to trap the player.