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[Bug] Manually created cities have no passengers

Started by michal., June 12, 2020, 02:23:50 PM

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manually created cities have no passengers to transport and all stops display "this stop has no user" warning.

There are no issues if cities are created automatically while initiating the game. I'm using the latest linux version.


How to reproduce:
1) start a game with 0 towns
2) switch to public service and found 2 towns
3) try to connect the towns with a line


I cannot confirm this.
There are some journeys in between those two towns but it's not quite many of them.

This is not a bug but the result from the adjusted tolerable journey time figure, as the old figure was experienced to generate passengers with an unrealistically high tolerable journey time.


Thank you very much for looking into this!

I believe the bug does exist. I've experimented with the issue and found that no passengers are present only until the game is saved and loaded. This sadly makes attaching any reproduction save impossible...

How to reproduce:
1) start game with 0 towns
2) build new towns
3) grow cities by the +100 button to be sure that they have enough inhabitants
4) send convoys on a line between the cities
5) wait for few months
>> all convoys are empty

5) save the game and immediately load it
>> suddenly, passengers arrive and start using the same network