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[Bug] Inaccessible landscape tools

Started by michal., June 12, 2020, 02:54:10 PM

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I'm unable to click on landscape tools from the top menu after loading the attached save game. The save was created on May 10.

The button remains darker as if the panel was opened at all time. However, lowering/raising terrain via shortcuts works. There are no issues when the save is opened by May 10 linux version by which the map was originally created. I have no issues loading other saves - older or younger than this one -, this issue is specific to the attached save.



Thank you for your report. I have briefly looked into this, but have not had time to examine this in full. The landscape window appears to be treated as being open, but is somehow corrupt, and closing all windows using the backspace key appears to cause a crash in tool_selector_t::empty on the basis that the object of which that function is a member is an invalid memory location.

This may require some considerable and complex work to look into. In the meantime, you might work around the issue by using the keyboard shortcuts for the various landscaping tools.
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I cannot confirm the crash.
I can close the window using escape, packspace, delete or  right click.
It does not appear on screen, however.

I'd expect the game was saved at high resolution and the window is out of viewport as I have observed such issues frequently when transfering savegames from my computer to my old laptop, which had a smaller resolution.
I did not debug this save, however.

Edit: Still the game crashed, after a while but that was not related to closing the window.