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flags on road can be changed also for other player's roads

Started by Vladki, April 10, 2020, 03:13:34 PM

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Just found out that if you build a road with oneway flag enabled, and drag over other players road, you change the direction on his road as well


Just as written in subject. Anyone can modify overtaking mode on any players road. This can be abused on multiplayer games, causing long detours or no-route. It can be done accidentally on city roads. So I think this tool should check if the player is the owner of the road, or at least if he is allowed to use it. Public player should be able to modify all roads.

[C] Ranran

Is the content different from this?,19732.0.html

Anyway, I think this is a problem that needs to be improved along with the display unkindness.


Oh yes, sorry for duplicate report. Can be merged...



I have merged the two bug report threads, but I will leave this separate from the other thread at present, since bug reports need to be in their own thread so that I can keep track of them.

Thank you both for your reports.
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