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I feel that it is not reflected even if the month wait time is set

Started by yuki, June 17, 2020, 10:07:33 PM

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I have set 1/512, does this mean that I will stop for one month divided by 512?
Is 512 a recognition that it is a very short time?
I've seen this topic but I'm not sure.


Hi Yuki,

This feature is designed to ensure your vehicles don't leave a stop without a certain percentage of its capacity being used.

For example a lightly used freight route with only one or two vehicles on.

You don't want a vehicle to leave without having at least 60% of its capacity full with cargo. However you need to ensure a constant supply of some materials so by then setting the maximum wait time to 1/2, your vehicle will leave a station with either 60% full or after waiting for 1/2 a month, which ever comes first.

I hope that helps!


This is most useful for bus lines serving several stops. Driving too empty will loose money. Hence set minimum load to 20% or so at a stop with many departing passengers. But maybe somewhere else is also a good departure point. Or there is a trasnfer point, which sometimes is full and thus you need to visit it too regularly. Then you can set the waiting time to 1/nth of a month (since Simutrans has several display modes for time, like 3 day per month or 30 days per month.)


Thank you for your reply.

I'm sorry I forgot to set both stations...

When I set both, it worked fine.