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Contradiction between goods category symbol and cargo bay symbol

Started by [C] Ranran, June 23, 2020, 09:33:25 AM

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[C] Ranran

I have long wanted to post about this, but I apologize for being late.
Because my health bar is always on the verge of dead pork, as you can see.

When I added the goods category symbol feature, I prepared those category symbols as some samples so that all paksets could support it to some extent beforehand.
The pakset authors can design it themselves, but it takes some work to draw it.

Since I've only been playing since modern era, I overlooked that there is already a symbol for the corresponding good category of cabin for some ancient ships in the Britain pakset.
It was for the above reasons that these contradictions were born, but I think that it is easier for players to understand if these were unified.

To tell the truth, the ore wanted a more rugged design, like coal, but it failed. The pixels are small. (´・ω・`)

And secondly, some special goods can have unique symbols by making them into independent categories. This change does not affect existing saves.
I previously suggested it in this thread, but I'm not sure the meaning of james's answer to this.
QuoteI think that it is preferable not to cease to use the special freight category: it is a useful residual category, and it is preferable not to treat unique types as if they were a member of a more general type as is inherent in treating them as part of a category, not least because of the reason given here, viz.
I guess he meant that fresh fish is close to foods but it's not desirable to carry them with it so it should be a special goods of fresh fish rather than a fresh fish category.
But for example, livestock are shipped in a distinctly different category in Japan. Because they need ventilation. It should be a moderate temperature. They drop dung. It gives off a smell. Use a dedicated freight car or truck. That's a distinctly different category. And some are as small as chickens and some as big as horses.
Cows and sheep may obviously weigh differently in terms of britain paksets, but distinguishing them would distinguish the slaughterhouse. All I want to say is that it's no wonder it's a "category". Also, the landed fish is not exactly the same. It's dead.
And I think that there is no difference other than symbol.

What is the difference between these?

I think the unnecessary repetition of "cars" will be eliminated in the new factory GUI.

And it's clearer that you can distinguish them with the car and livestock symbols, rather than with two brown piles.

Is there anything that gets worse?
Is it possible for anyone other than the pakset author to recognize it as special goods (unique goods) without checking at the dat file?
From the point of view of the average player, I don't think you've noticed any changes other than the different symbols.

Therefore, I would like to discuss this point again with the new GUI as a trigger.
I believe this change will improve playability. What do you guys think about this?