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Factory cross cennect - save game problem

Started by Erniii, April 25, 2009, 07:13:13 PM

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I have a problem wit cross connecting my factories. I have found out about the ability to connect all factories together not so long ago and I was very happy to find out that changing the parameter in will affect saved games. Well unfortunately it didn't. Normally I wouldn't bother, but this would help me a lot with a game that I have been working on for quiet a long time in which I want to focus on industry from now on (I use Public player to add industries and modify the map)

So - I've changed the crossconnect_factories from 0 to 1 and the crossconnect_factories_percentage is 100 in both files (the 1 from the pak directory and 1 in the simutrans dir). After doing this factories cross connect only in new games. Is there any way to actually make cross connecting work with saved games?



you manually connect existing factories as public player. There is a menu button in the same menu where you can add a new industry (at least in pak64). You have to do this for all factories manually, there is not autmatic way available.
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Changing parameters in does not affect saved games, since all the settings from are saved with the game. It affects only new games. As Dwachs said, however, it is possible to connect individual factories to other individual factories. Enter public player mode (CTRL + P until it says "public player" instead of "human" at the bottom), go to the world editing menu (the new one that becomes available when you go into public player mode), and select "connect factories". Click on the two factories that you want to connect with the tool, and they will be connected. Finally, press CTRL + P again until you are back to "human".
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Actually that is how I am playing at the moment -I modify the terrain + industries as a Public player and I know how to do it.

The thing is that in the file you can find:

# allow all possible supplier to connect to your factories?
# This will also affect savegames!
# best to leave it in default position. (only on for simuTTD)
crossconnect_factories = 1

So my guess was that it WILL affect saved games and that is why I was wondering what is wrong.

Since the savegames are NOT affected, someone should definitely change the so in the future it will not be confusing for other Simutrans players.


BTW how to edit all the *.tab files so the text in the files is easily readable, rather than a one very long line without any spacing and layout?


In 101 it still did affected savegames. Only changed recently. But I will remove it, you are right.


Honestly, for me it would be better If instead of changing the entry in the simuconf file the change would actually affect the save game, if that is possible ;)