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A few new station buildings for railways and 'buses

Started by wlindley, April 27, 2021, 04:25:35 PM

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In 1920 we get a Roaring Twenties 'bus terminal, and in 1952 an updated version of it... in 1977 there is a new rail-and-air terminal which is quite in keeping with the rail station motif... but the 1949--1977 terminal buildings are yellow, and seem out of harmony with the other transport structures:

May I propose this set of entry and main station structures?  They match the 1952 bus terminal (seen at right and center).  Also have included an undercroft bus stop in the "through" style.  All have a generous waiting and lounge area on the first floor.


Thank you for your thoughts on this. The existing terminal buildings are realistic, I think: they are based on a fairly standard concrete superstructure with cladding panel design that was common at the time and reflects many real life station buildings. The alternative buildings shown here are interesting - may I ask what their real life inspiration is?

The new under-croft 'bus terminal is interesting; but I wonder how suitable that it would look, not next to a large station complex as shown here, but placed on its own in the middle of a town as I imagine that most players would actually use it? This would certainly need to be thousands of times, maybe tens of thousands of times, more expensive than a basic shelter, sign post and road markings to match realityl but I am not sure whether our current level of cost calibration would allow this.

I should be interested in otehrs' veiws on this subject.
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Quote from: jamespetts on May 01, 2021, 12:48:21 PMI should be interested in otehrs' veiws on this subject.
According to Extendes High Level Design Goal "Everything that has a cost or otherwise interacts with the economic system in the game should have a realistic economic function."

This means there is no place for pure eye-candy in the game.

Anyways, reading that rule backwards it is "Everything that does not have a realistic economic function must not have a cost nor interact with the economics system."

What does it mean?
If we want to add a station building that differs from the existing ones in economical aspects, it's not pure eyecandy anymore as it serves an economical purpose not covered by any other bus stop.

Balancing this stops should not account for its visual appearance
Economically relevant attributes such as capacity, introduction date and so on should be picked based on the visial appearance, but the construction and maintainance costs should relate to these economical values, not directly to the visual representation.


IMHO the "legs" supporting the undercroft look too tiny. If you want to compare a real life two-storey station, look e.g. here:

Central bus station in Brno, CZ, second floor built in early 1980's, and is used for bus parking (no passengers allowed there).