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Author Topic: r9178 Win pak128.german 2.0 - Enlarging the map causes an array out of bounds  (Read 360 times)

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Offline Constantin A.

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When enlarging a map in its width, the coordinate space doesn't seem to get enlarged as well.
The simu.log contains the exact same error message:
Code: [Select]
Simutrans version 121.1 Nightly from Aug  7 2020 r9178
FATAL ERROR: array2d_tpl<T>::at() - index out of bounds: (414,265) not in (0..383, 0..383)
Aborting program execution ...

For help with this error or to file a bug report please see the Simutrans forum at
(Unfortunately it doesn't state where this exception happened)
I tried enlarging the map from 768x768 to 1664x1664 (enlarging to 768x1664 works, enlarging to 896x768 doesn't work either).

pak128 seems to have the same issue.

Steps to reproduce:
  • Create a new map
  • Open the map enlargement dialog
  • Put a larger value in the first field (or in both)
  • The game crashes

Offline Constantin A.

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One thing I just noticed: When enlarging by small values (e.g. 10, I'm still experimenting), it doesn't crash.
EDIT: Sometimes it does crash, even when using small values.

Offline ceeac

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This patch should fix the crash.

Offline prissi

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Thanks for spotting this one. In in r9180