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Author Topic: Old messages don't show vehicle appearance  (Read 674 times)

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Old messages don't show vehicle appearance
« on: August 26, 2020, 10:48:29 AM »
The message window neglects to show the vehicle appearance about what occurred before loading the game. (´・ω・`)

Confirmation method:
(1) In the message window, click on the most recent vehicle information.

It's still sanity.

(2) Save the game and reload it.

(3) Click the same message from the message dialog.

It neglected to display the vehicle appearance.

The image is Extended's one, but I confirmed that standard has the same bug.

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Re: Old messages don't show vehicle appearance
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2020, 01:13:36 PM »
Not so easy to fix, since the image identification numbers could be different after reloading a game (if the pak set has changed for instance because now loading with addons or something was added). Or because the server runs on a different OS than the client and thus paks are loaded and registered in different order.