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Ford Pak

Started by chickenx4, August 27, 2020, 09:02:09 PM

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well i would like to see like the 2015 mustang as a city car

how do i make citycars immortal


Hello, chickenx4.

You ready the image(png) and dat(text) files.
The detail of dat is here.
And you can get base image file for mustang the same page.

Finally, you compile these files by makeobj.exe.
You require an environment of Windiws OS.

Good luck!
Requests of pak64 addon are now accepted!


i know how to convert but also how can i make city cars inmotral make them last forever


I think drawing as many as possible is only way to
be great add-on creater. So, I suggest you to draw and make your first work anyway. Then I can advise you on how to get better.It will help you to draw what you want to draw freely.

Anyway, let's try to drawing!!
Requests of pak64 addon are now accepted!