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How I play Simutrans

Started by cato58, September 02, 2020, 04:42:00 PM

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This is a post of what I have done with Simutrans to create a game that feels very different from a typical Simutrans game, as another example of how flexible this game is.

As background, I play the game solitary. I do not like the typical point A to point B distribution, where you have large amounts of goods transported on one line; I prefer, as an example, every town having a small consumption Construction Wholesaler supplied by one sawmill.

Here are the mods I made:
- I turned off the creation of industry chains.
- The initial tourists attractions consist only of a 5x5 resource square, of which I place many. In the map editor I delete these and insert a resource; Timber Plantation, Coal Mine, ....
- Each town starts with 100 inhabitants
- I use curiosities to "zone" a 5x5 square in a town to build factories. Some of my "Zoned for a Factory" curiosities are specific to a type of factory.  I also include a User Choice zone, in order to complete an industry chain.
- I use curiosities to "zone" consumer outlets, like the Marketplace, Pharmacy, etc.  These have a 100% chance of being built.
- I added many more industry chains, such a Red-mix from the Cement factory to the Construction Wholesaler, Orchards supplying fruit for the Marketplace, or a Canner, or a Bottler.

This leaves my games with complicated rail networks, especially around cities where the factories are built.


Well gosh that sounds like my experiments, which are not intentional as your are. However I have no clue what I am doing at all but it's fun!
The only difference is I delete all fishing in the waters as I have never figured it out and gave up on airports as the I follow the tutorials for both and neither of them work. Maybe I need a new tutorial for 121.0/ Merry Christmas and Greetings from Oregon USA.


Quote from: ChristineR on December 12, 2020, 10:09:13 AMMerry Christmas and Greetings from Oregon USA.
I was in Oregon last year for Christmas in Grants Pass! Beautiful state and one of my favorites.