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Pak256.America-Ex town hall suggestions

Started by RealAmerican1776, September 06, 2020, 02:48:37 AM

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Hello everyone I want your opinion on town halls for different climates in my pak256.America-ex.

1765- early 1800s.

Temperate climate.  The New England colonies and Mid Atlantic colonies didn't really have town halls or village halls, they had Meeting Houses instead.
Subtropical/tropical climate (I.E. The Deep South). I'm not quite sure what to do with these yet, I might need to do some research.
I'm not really concerned with midwest and west during this period.

Early 1800s - present day

temperate climate: Again, not sure what to do here, certainly some of the small New England towns and villages continued to use meeting houses well into the 19th Century.
subtropical/tropical climate: For the south, I could use one of those narrow Wild West looking buildings for the town hall and I could use it for midwest and west as well.


Please ask such pakset-specific issues on Extended Pakset board...


Have you ever looked at the Gold Rush OTTD mod? It was never finished, but there are some resources that may inspire to design Wild West buildings

I like the idea for towns adapted to different climates.


I have looked at that several times and I do like the buildings. It's difficult to do town halls for America because we don't use a centralized design. It's all regional focus so a town hall in New England won't be the same as a town hall in Mississippi or California. And I agree I like the different climate idea as well. However, most homes you can find throughout the country. For example, the house I lived in in Warwick, Rhode Island was a beautiful Victorian built in 1910 and it also looks like it could fit in with California or Oregon or elsewhere in the country.