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I think a convoy should not wait if there aren't passengers in the stop

Started by manolollr, September 02, 2020, 04:54:48 PM

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For example, in pak128-britain-extended, in year 1750 there is a Stage Coach with a minimum loading time of 5 minutes. Sometimes there are nobody in the stop, but the coach wait the minimum loading time, 5 minutes. Is there any reason to wait? If there anything nor anybody to load, I think loading time is not applicable.

What do you think?



At first, in the real-world busses or some trains will skip stops of nobody wants to enter or leave the vehicle. We do not have such a feature in simutrans yet.
Any vehicle will always at least stop, open the doors, close the doors and continue. That takes some time in any case.
Edit: That's what Phystam called the "request stop feature"

Back to the example of stagecoaches.
Loading times in extended can have a range. The exact loading time in that case depends on how many passengers enter and leave the vehicle.
I'd expect the stagecoach to use such a range instead of constant 5:00 loading times.

I do not know the historical background of stagecoach loading times however.


Yes, the vehicle must stop, open doors and, if there is nobody to get on or off, close doors and leave. But this operation must take only a few seconds and not the minimum loading time. I think minimum loading time must apply only if there are at least one passenger.

PD: Stage Coach have a range: minimum is 5 minutes and maximum is 10 minutes.


The minimum loading time is the time it takes to prepare the exit and entry process and preparing the departure after passengers have left and entered the vehicle.

In modern railway vehicles, this might be running out the stairs, opening the doors, closing the doors and running in the stairs.

I have no idea about how stagecoaches were loaded/unloaded.
It feels like 5 minutes minimum is too much, but I have no idea.


Maybe there is time for the driver to get off the stagecoach, visit the stage inn, and shout that the coach is here, so if anybody wants to board, they should go now.
In the meantime the horses would be given some water, maybe even some food too.


If the loading time is for horses, the loading time should be applied to the horses, not to the staging coach...