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incomplete chain created

Started by ampersand, March 29, 2020, 04:44:10 PM

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As usual in this game, some city developed and a fishing port has been created. I wanted to deliver fish from it to the market, but the port's window displays no suppliers. According to this ancient script there should be fishing ground somewhere. But there's none.

Is it purposeful and requiring the player to wait for further development of this chain in result of city growth or a side effect of this pak being still in progress?


This would be an error in the game, since there are fishing grounds in the pakset.

Can you confirm that you're using the latest Simutrans Extended and PakBritain-Ex? You posted in the Simutrans Standard child board, rather than the Extended.


To my deepest regret must deny. It is from r1991 with r8870 standard.

The save file is valid 360days, so enjoy.


I don't think there is any support for the Standard pakset, due to the focus on Extended. To answer your original question, no it is not sensible to wait for industry development.

My solution:
Switch players with the "P" (Shift + p) key to the Public Service Player, then select the "Map Editing Tools" toolbar. In that toolbar you will find "Build industries", which allows you to place an industry. Find the fishing grounds and place them somewhere you think is appropriate for the map (connected by water). Then you need to link the newly created industry with the fishing port, which is achieved by using the "Link industries" tool from the "Map Editing Tools" toolbar. Select it and click on one of the two industries and then the other. They should link up and you can start transporting the live fish from the fishing grounds to the fishing port.


This solution proved effective. I am utterly satisfied.


I thank you I have had the same issue and it is now resolved.