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Author Topic: Coming feature information: new 3 list dialogs  (Read 148 times)

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Coming feature information: new 3 list dialogs
« on: September 27, 2020, 04:59:03 PM »
Many features will be added from Standard. This is a partial advance notice.

Two list functions are added from the standard.
- Depot list
- Vehicle list

And I was inspired by them to create a Signalbox list.

A total of 3 list dialogs will be added.
These can be registered in the tool menu and also in the shortcut key.
Code: [Select]
Therefore, it is advisable to have icons for these lists.
Since the signalbox dialog tool is unique to extended, it is registered at number 128.

Notice the difference between the Convoy list and the vehicle list. The existing convoy list is like a train list, and the vehicle list is like a pictorial book. You can see the difference in standard.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, the vehicle list is unable to incorporate any more commits. Therefore, it is not currently optimized for extended. (´・ω・`)
It may be better to keep it sealed by not registering shortcut keys and menus until it is optimized.
I will post the technical issues in another thread.
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