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Fences in Simutrans

Started by RealAmerican1776, October 02, 2020, 04:39:02 PM

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Hello, how can I make fences to circle my city?

For example, here is an early view of the town of Boonesborough, Kentucky. Now, while the houses form most of the towns walls, you can see fenced areas. I would like to do the same.


Depends on what you want to achieve.
- there are addons, that look like fences or (anti-noise) walls, implemented as special type of railway (system_type=255). See SNFOS page. These are useful to protect high speed roads from being taken over by the city. If you build such fence around the town, you will block it from spreading around.
- in pak128.britain there is a part of city wall (medieval style), implemented as an attraction (curiosity). IIRC 1x3 tiles.
- you can put fences as part of city buildings - especially for low level which tend to be at the suburbs
- fences also appear on artifical vertical slopes.

Unfortunately there is no way to put automatic fence around the whole town.